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Cigar – what’s your point?

“My point? My point is that I used to smoke a Cuban cigar that at one time was considered to be the most expensive cigar in the world! $18,846 for a box of forty, can you believe that? Reportedly these cigars were named after the chief of the Taino tribe, it was said that no other cigar on the face of the planet could rival them. I say it’s down to what the individual looks for in a cigar that makes its reputation. Some men like to have a slow smoke that they can enjoy with a bottle or two of wine and good friends, others like a flavoured smoke that takes them to a comfortable place. Me, I like the fire, the red hot ash that never goes out. Now in my humble opinion, the best cigar for that job is ‘His Majesty’s Reserve’. The cigar is infused with a generous portion of Louis XIII Cognac, if you know anything about Cognac, Bob, you’ll know it burns well. However one of these babies will cost you an unbelievable $750 US Dollars!

Eugene paused to take a long, hard drag on his cigar, as if to savour it for one last time and then turned to face Bob

“Hold him down Sonny,” ordered Eugene in a malicious tone. Sonny placed his forearm into Bob’s neck, forcing Bob’s head into the headrest. Eugene then held the cigar like a dagger and turned his body to face Bob. With one sudden jab Eugene buried the burning cigar into Bob’s right eye and twisted it in deep. Its searing heat burnt through Bob’s eyelid and instantly hardboiled his eye to a state beyond any repair. Bob let out a blood curdling scream of sheer agony. The pain was horrendous, but much to Bob’s terror not enough for him to lose consciousness and escape this torture.

Eugene sank back down into his seat and examined the remains of his cigar, softly he spoke,

“$750 a cigar and worth every, fucking, nickel.”
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