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Exploding walkie-talkies

One of Mac’s preferred weapons of choice. Press the transmit button more than five times and KBOOM! Helps keep a conversation to the point and it saves having to place a bomb in your boat or carry a sniper rifle around with you.


The old ones are the best; nothing deals with stuck-up hotel staff quicker than a taser phone to the throat. Shame it also includes a tracking device for Sir Adam to keep tabs on Mac as he tasers his way through Moscow.


Not just any old screw driver, it’s got to have a bulbous red plastic handle to ensure maximum thrust can be achieved when daggered straight into the eye socket. When tanks are in short supply the screwdriver has to be Mac’s first choice in anti-sniper weapons.

Stanley blade duct taped into the belt

Nothing gets you free quicker than a Stanley blade duct taped into your belt. Also, the Stanley blade is ideal for cutting throats and escaping moving vehicles when in a tight fix. It’s no wonder Mac always has one taped into his belt at all times.


Ah yes, Bob’s trusty U.S. Navy Marine Corps Utility Knife, AKA KA-BAR! The perfect choice for taking on eight or nine angry Russian Special Forces operatives who are all armed to the teeth with machineguns and pistols. Just be warmed, this weapon may cause vomiting if used under the arm.

Neck jelly and pencil detonators

Nothing makes the bad guys more compliant than a syringe of jelly explosive into the neck, especially when the jelly is simply detonated by snapping a pencil.
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