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The Technology

  In the old days of filing cabinets and typewriters an organisations documentation and records could take up the storage space of an entire building. With the advent of computers buildings filled with paper were soon replaced with just a few rooms filled with servers. Now-a-days an entire business’s records can be held not in a building, not in a room but on nothing more than a memory stick that you can hang of your key ring.

It may seem amazing just how much information can be stored electronically today but no matter how impressive it may seem it would still take the Empire State Building filled from the basement to the very highest point with billions of memory sticks to even come close to holding anywhere near the amount of information that a human brain can retain.

The fundamental differences between a computers’ memory and a human memory is the same fundamental difference between physics and chemistry. I.e. the human brain operates on a bio-chemical level whilst computer memory operates on electromagnetic principles. However, Professor Faverski was the first Russian to recognise that both chemistry and physics could be used to achieve one thing, namely electricity. Working with this common link Professor Faverski was the first person to convert digital data into bio-chemical data and then back to digital data again.

As a scientist under the governance of VNIIEF Professor Faverski had no ethical restrictions and within just 10 years had used stem cell technology to grow and maintain a human brain externally of the human body. A brain that the Professor was able to use as a supercomputing device, a brain that would put the Russians 100 years ahead of any cyber weapon that Britain or America were even close to developing.
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