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I’d like to sit here and give you some radio 4 crap about reaching into the soul of each character and learning to live with the horror of what I found but that would just be self-serving and not much fun.

So here’s the truth; if ever I got stuck writing I’d just call Mac, Bob, Henry, Jim and Alex Khomenko and this is what they’d say:

Chris “Hi Mac, I’m stuck on the plot”?

Mac “Get your-self down the pub and have a jar or two mate, that will sort it out”.

Chris “Hi Bob (AKA Simon Davis), I’m stuck on the plot”?

“Ok, this is what you should do, give me an eye patch and I want to use my KA-BAR more”.

Chris “Hi Henry, I’m stuck on the plot”?

“Yes that’s a tricky one, hum, well I read a book once which was similar but in many ways different, I find that the many different aspects of writing a blot sometimes lead to no plot at all which in the greater picture meant that the point behind the purpose of a plot is sometimes nothing more than pointless”.

Chris “Hi Jim, I’m stuck on the plot”?

“You’ll figure it out, puffter”!

Chris “Hi Alex, I’m stuck on the plot”?

“See it not as a plot but as two big circles that intersect each other and inside those circles are two smaller more focused circles. Make those smaller circles orange and this is much like what you have.
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