Hacker Hunter
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The People


Sir Adam

Sir Adam is the Managing Director of the Company, accountable
to only one person, that person being the Queen of England herself.


Gracey is Sir Adam’s beloved and long serving personal assistant, she’s really second in command at the company and knows Sir Adam better than he knows himself.


Robert is a SIS director; he’s one of the top men in British Intelligence. From a humble working class background Robert despises everything that Sir Adam stands for and loathes the fact that he has to do Sir Adam’s dirty work.

John Mac

Mac is based on the real life SAS hero Sergeant John McAleese, this tough old dog of war is enjoying his retirement in Greece when Robert comes knocking on an errand for Sir Adam. Mac is ever the professional and tares his way through Russia for Queen, Country and enough money to bring him out of retirement for one last mission.


Bob is Mac’s trusted student, assistant and friend, not to mention decoy and man with the gadgets. Bob is always surpassing Mac’s expectations with Bird poo listening devices, taser phones and the ability to start and finish a fight against a small army.

Christian Cannon

Cannon is the ever British businessman abroad less the bowler hat and less the ability to stay out of trouble. He’s creative, fun loving, unorthodox and totally mercenary with a passion for adventure. Cannon runs an IT security business which tests the security of companies by using Russian hackers to gain entrance to their networks.
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