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The Secret Intelligence Service is the UK’s combined
intelligence agency, also known as MI6 or SIS for short.
SIS has at its disposal GCHQ, Interpol, combined police and military intelligence and when needed the legendary SAS and SBS.


The National Security Agency or NSA is the cryptologic intelligence agency of the United States Department of Defence. Apart from being responsible for the collection and analysis of foreign communications and foreign signals intelligence, the NSA also protects U.S. government communications and information systems, which includes the Nuclear Biological and Chemical warfare computer networks. Networks that Maria and Alex managed to hack into effortlessly.


The GRU or Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye is the Russian military intelligence. In 1997 it deployed six times as many agents in foreign countries as the SVR, which is the KGB intelligence successor. It also commanded over 25,000 Spetsnaz troops (Russian Special Forces), which is still not quite enough to stop John Mac from saving the day.


VNIIEF or the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics as it is also known has its origins in the days of Stalin. VNIIEF is where the top Russian scientists are held against their will in a type of scientific labour camp. These prisoners are ruled over by an elite group of less able scientists who are more akin to the Nazi SS than academics. VNIIEF governs all of Russia’s experimental military technology and in turn is governed by a ruthless scientist called Pavel.

The Company

The Company is the Queens private (none governmental) intelligence business, its run by an old, distinguished, English gent by the name of Sir Adam and located in the West End of London. The Company has been in existence for hundreds of years unlike the SIS, NSA, GRU and VNIIEF.
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