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Maria knows she will never directly be able to win a bid to secure the NSA computer network because of her mafia boss father, so invites Christian Cannon to front the deal. Cannon accepts on the condition that he can use his Russian team to hunt down and locate the other hackers logged into the NSA. Maria agrees with Cannon’s idea of offering the NSA a cleanup contract and as a sweetener to the deal a list of all the hackers who have gained access to their network.

The plan seems solid with the exception of four factors:

1. The NSA is already on to Cannon and if they catch him with the list of hackers he’ll have nothing to trade.

2. The Russians are also onto Cannon and they want to kill him to set an example to any other entrepreneurial spies.

3. The British Secret Service are also onto Cannon and they want the list of hackers and Cannon’s Russian team for themselves.

4. An aging private security advisor to the Queen called Sir Adam, is looking for his replacement and feels Cannon might make a suitable candidate for the job. Aware that the Americans and the Russians will probably try and kill Cannon he pulls his best man; ‘John Mac’ out of retirement to help.

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