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10 years after the collapse of the old Soviet Union the Russian’s are in a desperate state. Every daring entrepreneur and foreign government is out to steal what they can from the failing and now corrupted old USSR. The Russian government is desperate to protect their top scientists and secret weapons projects, desperate enough to kill.

A 30 year old, British entrepreneur, by the name of ‘Christian Cannon’ (Cannon) has been successfully stealing Russia’s top most secret software developers and using them as his very own private army of computer hackers.

Mr. Cannon’s ventures don’t pass by undetected; he is soon flagged up by the NSA after his Russian Girlfriend in Moscow sells him out to the American Secret Service. However, it’s not just the NSA that have taken an interest in Cannon.

In New York City lives and works ‘Maria’, she’s the stunningly beautiful daughter of a Manhattan Mafia Boss called Eugene. Maria has been competing with Cannon for years, hacking into legal firms, accounting companies and investment houses to demonstrate their weaknesses and for a large fee she then offers to help these businesses secure their computer networks. Maria aims for a big defence contract by hacking illegally into the NSA’s network but to her surprise she discovers she’s not the only unauthorised person accessing it.

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